ESnet Software

The Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) is a high-performance, unclassified national network built to support scientific research. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science (SC) and managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, ESnet provides services to more than 40 DOE research sites, including the entire National Laboratory system, its supercomputing facilities, and its major scientific instruments. ESnet also connects to 140 research and commercial networks, permitting DOE-funded scientists to productively collaborate with partners around the world.

As part of supporting ESnet’s mission we develop quite a bit of software. This page has links to each of ESnet’s publically visible software projects.

iperf is a TCP, UDP, and SCTP network bandwidth measurement tool.
sLS (Simple Lookup Service) is a key-value based distributed database with a REST/JSON API.
Timeseries Charts
A set of modular charting components used for building flexible interactive charts. It was built for React from the ground up, specifically to visualize timeseries data and network traffic data in particular.
Network Diagrams
A set of React based mapping components which are used within the ESnet Portal, but are not tied to ESnet, or even to network visualization.
A library build on top of immutable.js to provide basic timeseries functionality within ESnet tools.
The ESnet Network Operating System, an environment for running control plane software for Software Defined Networks. Contained in two repositories, Netshell and ENOS.